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Classes & Levels at DD's

We hope to place you or your child according to this system, but if you feel you need to change classes, don't hesitate to call Kim. * Ages and levels are guidelines, not boundaries.


Age and Description




1-2 Years Experience


3-4 Years Experience


5-6 Years Experience


7-9 Years Experience


10 + Years Experience

Acro:  Skills in Balance, Agility and Flexibility. A mix of acrobatic stunts & choreography.

Ballet (B):  Class instructing the correct technique and history of Ballet.

Cheer/Pom:  A source of spirit through sharp and energetic movement - we include Jazz technique.

Chic:  Bring your diva attitude!!!

Hip Hop:  Ours is intricate and age appropriate.

Jazz (J):  Technical training to more contemporary music.

Lyrical:  Light Ballet, Modern and Jazz techniques used to portray lyrics and emotion.

Modern:  Contemporary dance using breath and efficiency with wicked energy: Changes, Level Changes, Lifts, Slides, Rolls, Jumps and Leaps.

Tap (T):  Standard and Buck/Rhythm techniques combined.

Tumble:  Basic skills: Crabwalks through cartwheels to back walkovers.

Tricks/Flexibility:  Trickier steps than classical Jazz. Incorporating more flexible and more difficult moves and poses

Turns, Leaps & Jumps:  Pirouettes, Fouettes, Axles, Toe Touches, Grand Jetes, Switch Leaps, and all that fun stuff you need for Poms.

Workout:  Exercises done with correct body technique to tone, strengthen and increase flexibility.

Zumba:  Spanish for "Move fast and have fun"! Dance cardio workout for optimal weight loss!!